About My Design Philosophy

I believe that design isn’t just about matching colors, textures, and shapes,it’s about creating a narrative which uniquely expresses your identity. My approach to design has a classic feel, but I incorporate a fresh, modern edge into my work. This can be seen in the way I combine and layer colors, finishes, and textures within an arrangement, allowing a space to appear luxurious while still maintaining a cozy, livable feel.

Each of these elements: color, finish, texture, and layout—is vital to the design as a whole. That’s why I take the choice of colors and types of materials to use, as well as the arrangement of furniture, as seriously as I do. Each of these factors help tie the room together and ensure that the design is a reflection of you and what you want your home to be! I love to work with all types of décor – modern, transitional, traditional, and everything in-between, and can mix and match from different genres.

When I work with a client, I focus on every detail, and I enjoy the challenge which comes from honing the design of a single room, or an entire home, to perfection. No matter the scope of your project, my work isn’t finished until you’re satisfied! I’d love it if you would contact me to discuss any décor projects you might be considering.

About Me

The most important thing to know about me is how passionate I am about making sure that my design choices are a perfect fit for you and your lifestyle!. I’d also like you to know that I’ve been working in commercial and home design for over a decade. This experience has provided me with the tools needed to transform what you’re thinking about into reality!

My design experience does not just mean that I’ve worked with a lot of clients, but that I have the breadth of expertise necessary to handle all your needs. Whether you’re seeking design services for your residence or business, for a bedroom or a kitchen, window treatments or furnishings, fabric or tile, or anything else, I have the knowledge and practical experience necessary to make your dreams come true!

Handling projects all over the tri-state area, in residences and commercial settings alike, has enabled me to develop the contacts needed to provide you with the materials and furnishings to fulfill your needs. When you hire me, you’re getting a designer with discount accounts at, and access to, all of the major furniture and textile showrooms in NYC.
You don’t want just anyone working on your design. You want someone with the passion, experience, and resources I bring to the table. Feel free to reach out to me today.